Mercè 2015: Opening ceremony

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Toc d'inici La Mercè 2015

Catalan funnyman and chat show host Andreu Buenafuente will give the opening speech this year to get the festivities of the Mercè celebrations going. Once the speech is finished in Plaça Sant Jaume, the beasts (giants, bigheads, etc.) come out to play via the main door of the City Hall to perform their traditional dances, particular to each figure, to the sound of the music from the Ministrils del Camí Ral. A special piece is dedicated to Ovidi Montllor, as this year marks 20 years since the death of the singer-songwriter. When the dances are over, the characters will parade around the square again before fireworks shoot from the rooftop of the City Hall, marking the official start of the celebrations.

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