Oktoberfest 2014

Things to do Free

Oktoberfest, probably better known in these parts as La Fiesta de la Cerveza (The Beer Festival), is one of Germany's best-travelled historical and cultural celebrations, which is huge in the Bavarian city of Munich, and is probably the biggest party in the world. This year Barcelona's version of Oktoberfest carries on for more than a week, from October 3 to 12, in the Plaça del Univers in the Fira de Barcelona conference centre and trade show space in Montjuïc. And it's free to get in! Under a giant tent of some 4,000 square metres (you should really book a table in advance via their website) sheltering a multitude of bars, you can get litre-sized glasses of great beer and enjoy live polka music, DJs, beer, traditional Bavarian food, beer, big fun, and more beer. There will also be an area for kids at a reasonable price and things to do for all ages, as well as a new VIP area this year for the high-rolling beer lovers.


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