Paco Elvira, seen and read: 44 years of investigative photojournalism

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Autoretrat de Paco Elvira en un hotel de Hong Kong amb Xavier Vinader
©Paco Elvira

This exhibition is dedicated to Paco Elvira (1948-2013), photojournalist and 'graphic memory of the democratic Transition in Spain and of so many changes in Barcelona and the world', as Joaquim Noguero referred to him. He worked for publications such as 'Intervíu', and his camera showed the reality of the IRA in Ireland, strikes, and his travels – Galcia, Croatia, Afghanistan – all in a human, exhuastive and memorable way. 'When memories fade from our mind, photography becomes the collective memory,' said the protagonist (and Elvira's alter ego) of the book 'Un día de mayo' (2011).


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