PoENtry Slam

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PoENtry Slam

Calling all slam poets! All lovers of spoken word, poetry slams and poetry in general are invited to this second monthly event of PoENtry Slam, where you let words play with emotions. The organisers are looking for people from around the world who want to perform poetry in English. You don't have to be a published poet, or even a poet, but if you like writing and live performance, join in. It's free to sign up (via a message on their Facebook page), but there are only ten spots per month, so act fast. And as everybody wants to be a critic, you're all invited to participate as judges as well as enjoy the show.

The rules are simple:
1. Poets have three minutes to perform an original poem of their own composition, preferably having memorised it and not reading from paper or othe device.
2. Judges are selected from the audience, so if you don't want to perform, head along to enjoy and possibly to judge.


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