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Record Store Day 2017: all the concerts

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Time Out says

Record Store Day is an international event celebrated on the third Saturday of April which started in a record shop in the USA. The aim is to promote the sale of albums in shops, as opposed to other avenues, something that's needed more than ever now that more and more beloved record shops are having to close their doors for good. In Barcelona there will be free concerts on all day long in many of the record shops that are still fighting the good fight in the city, from veterans like Discos Revólver, Revólver Records and Disco 100 as well as the newer stores like La Botiga del Primavera, BCore and Ultra-Local Records. Here's the line-up for Saturday, April 22.

Discos Revólver
4.15pm   Ramírez Exposure
5pm   Manu Ferrón
6pm   Las Ruinas

Revólver Records
4pm   Tori Sparks
7.45pm   Guadalupe Plata
8.30pm   The Wax

Noon   Ramírez Exposure
3pm   Zenjiskan (Beatification party resident DJ)
5pm   Nelson Poblete
6.30pm   Joan Queralt & The Seasicks

Jumping Man
10.30am   Beat Creator DJ
Noon   Edui Bercedo
12.30pm   Avernessus
1pm   Soula Siete (Fluff, Green, Mindz, Fuckrense, MonoShao, Eddie B, Lazy, Lava, Daren, Dual)
1.30pm   Llam Street & Music DJ
2.30pm   The Piri expirience
3.30pm   Llam Street & Music DJ
4.30pm   Fajardo
5pm   Esteban Perez DJ
6pm   The Conqueror Project

Noon-2pm   CRIM DJ
5pm-8pm   Madee DJ

Tori Sparks
Manu Ferrón
Daniel Lumbreras
The Lazy Lies
4 Hiverns

Disco 100
Noon   The Lazy Lies
4.30pm   Marta Delmont
5.15pm   Guadalupe Plata
6pm   Ada Van
6.45pm   Chet
7.30pm   Mazoni

La Botiga del Primavera
Noon   Gener
1pm   Retirada!
2pm   Manu Ferrón
5pm   Orange Broek
6pm   Lorien

Ultra-Local Records
Noon   Manu Ferrón
1pm   Últim Cavall
2pm   Ran Ran Ran
3pm   Mazoni
5pm   Os Brú
6pm   Esther Condal
7.30pm   Hidrogenesse DJs

Rhythm Control
1pm   Rhythm Control DJ and friends


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