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Serielizados Fest 2017

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Time Out says

Series premieres, special guests from around the world, documentaries on the social and cultural impact of television, talks and laughs. This fourth edition of the Serielizados Fest focuses on European fiction, with Italy as the guest country and with creators of series such as 'The Young Pope' (Italy, in English), 'Gomorra' (Italy), '1992' (Italy), 'Muerte en León' (Spain), 'El Ministerio del Tiempo' (Spain), 'El Fin de la Comedia' (Spain).

The festival is also where you can see the new season of Catalan hit 'Nit i Dia' before it premieres on TV, catch the newest Norwegian revelation 'Valkyrien', and get the latest on the new season of 'El Ministerio del Tiempo'. You'll also find more than 30 activities having to do with the universe of TV series in various spaces around the city.

THURSDAY 20 - Auditori de la Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna

    11am-1pm: Masterclass with Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli, writers for Italian series 'Gomorra'. The pair will talk about the process of adapting a journalistic work into a television series. It's yet to be confirmed but Gema R. Neira will likely accompany them to discuss the adaptation of the novel 'Fariña' to the series of the same name, which was produced by Atresmedia. Price: €10

FRIDAY 21 - CCCB. One-day and multi-pass ticket.


    5pm: Series screening: Episode of 'Game of Thrones' 'The Battle of the Bastards'. You get an ice cream to go with it created by pastry chef Jordi Roca that looks like the hand of 'Game of Thrones' character Jaime Lannister.
    6pm: Talk: Creator of Spanish series 'El Ministerio del Tiempo', Javier Olivares, gives his followers a special surprise.
    7pm: Talk: Reality and Humour. A talk with writer Lluís Arcarazo; Marc Lobato, biographer of Miguel Gila; and Marc González, playwright who penned 'El Niño de la Tele'.
    8.30pm: Talk: 'Italian noir' with Ludovica Rampoldi, writer for '1992' and 'Gomorra', and with Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli, writers for 'Gomorra' and 'ZeroZeroZero'.
    10.30pm-11.30pm: Talk and series screening: Episode from the second season of 'Fin de la Comedia' + Q&A with series creators Raúl Navarro and Miguel Esteban.


    6pm: Documentary screening: Spanish premiere of 'The Last Laugh'. Can the Holocaust be funny? This piece looks at the limits of humour with Sarah Silverman, Mel Brooks, Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, and more.
    7.30pm: Series screening: Spanish premiere of the pilot for 'Valkyrien', the latest 'Nordic noir' from Norway that's a runaway 2017 hit. Introduction from producer Eric Vogel.
    9pm: Documentary screening: Sneak peek of Spanish TV show 'Imprescindibles' on La 2 dedicated to Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, creator of '¡Historias para no dormir!'. Presented by Concepción Cascajosa.
    10.30pm-11.30pm: Screening: 'The Animation Will Not Be Televised!', original stop-motion shorts directed by animators who work on TV series. Brought to you by Los Angeles–based audiovisual production company Open the Portal.

SATURDAY 22 - CCCB. One-day and multi-pass ticket.


    4pm: Talk: Conversation between Tony Grisoni and Toni Garcia Ramon.
    5pm: Series screening: Pilot of 'The Young Pope', directed by Paolo Sorrentino.
    6.30pm: Talk and series screening: Non-fiction from Justin Webster and Enric Bach, creators of 'Muerte en León', and Carles Porta, journalist known for the best-seller 'Tor, la muntanya maleïda' and 'Fago'. Afterwards, it's the screening of the pilot for 'Muerte en León', the series that brings up the case of the 2014 assassination of Spanish politician Isabel Carrasco, president of the Diputación de León.
    8pm-9.30pm: Series screening: Sneak peek of the second season of the hit Catalan series on TV3 'Nit i Dia' followed by a Q&A with the creators.


    5pm: Talk: Where do TV series creators hide? Discussion moderated by Núria Juanico. With Mar Coll, Mercè Sarrias and Laia Aguilar.
    6pm: Talk and series screening: Episode of 'Paquita Sala' + discussion with series creators Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, and starring actor Brays Efe.
    8pm-9.30pm: Documentary screening: Spanish premiere of 'David Wants to Fly'. The strange relationship between David Lynch and an Indian transcendental meditation centre. An exercise in the mystification and demystification of the 'Twin Peaks' creator.

FÀBRICA MORITZ: Individual entry

Sala 39:
    7pm: Performance of the play 'El Niño de la Tele'. This is the only performance of this play on exclusively as part of the Serielizados Fest. It's about Rubén Ramírez, a child prodigy who, in the 1990s appeared on various Spanish TV chat shows before disappearing into oblivion. His thing was imitating politicians and TV presenters on the same stage as home-grown celebrities of the time such as Luis del Olmo, Bertín Osborne and Carmen Sevilla. Price: €12
    10.30pm: Closing: Late Show. To be confirmed. Price: €10.


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