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Sau Poler
Sau Poler

it's called SoundEat! What could it be? Yep, music and food. Electronic music, that is, and sponsored by Moritz beer. Spend your Halloween hangover at the Moll de la Marina, between Barceloneta and Port Olympic, from noon to 10pm. It's free if you can manage to get there before 2pm, and if you can't quite swing such an early All Saints Day, it'll only cost you a fiver in. There will also be a space for kids, with games and fun activities for the youngest festival-goers among us.

As for the food part of the day, there will be a bit of everything, brought in by food trucks – Eureka Streetfood's California-style recipes; a variety of sandwiches from Caravan Made; and gorgeous crepes from Creperie Marione, among others. Restaurants are also represented, including Surf House Barcelona, with a selection of their best dishes: refreshing salads, home-made pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, hot dog and a long list of other delights.

So what about the music? This is the other vital part of the festival, and representatives of Barcelona's emerging electronic scene such as Clip!, DJ and producer Shelby Grey, Pau Roca, Boreals, DJ Lui, Razzmatazz resident, and Sau Poler, the diamond in the rough of the current state of electronica, presenting a new EP, 'Paradoxes of Progress', from the Atomnation label.

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