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The Calçot Festival

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  1. The Calçot Festival
    Foto: The Calçot FestivalThe Calçot Festival
  2. The Calçot Festival
    The Calçot Festival

Time Out says

Don't miss the fourth edition of this big party in the Parc de Clot, where from 10am to 7pm you'll find, as the name clearly states, a 'calçotada' – a big feast featuring calçots, a traditional Catalan onion-like treat that's barbecued and eaten with romesco sauce, and plenty of meat and side dishes. There will also be vermouth, the second-hand market On the Garage, sould food, and a selection of House al Parc DJs: Dadame, Deckard, Lucient and Sama Yax.


Advance ticket sales at the shop Autòctons (Rogent, 24)
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