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Three reasons to protect your online shopping with a VPN

If you like streaming TV shows, organising your trips on the net, renewing your wardrobe online or connecting with friends to play a game, the Surfshark VPN will help you surf safely

Time Out in collaboration with Surfshark VPN

When we started using the Internet, we would never have imagined the number of things we can do online today. But neither would we have imagined that a couple of clicks would also put our privacy at risk. The Internet puts the world before our eyes but also exposes us to the web! This is why there are methods like the Surfshark VPN that we cannot ignore: a virtual private network that allows us to connect to the Internet through an encrypted tunnel to ensure our privacy online. Quite simply, the easiest option to surf safely and protect your data!!

But this is not the only advantage: read on to find out all that awaits your mobile phones, PCs and tablets with the Surfshark VPN.

You can shop anonymously
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1. You can shop anonymously

You must be fed up with the Internet knowing everything about you… even your street name and house number. So don’t leave a trace! With this VPN you can hide your IP address and be sure that your town, country and torrent download history are not linked to your identity. And, as if this weren’t enough, you can also save money when buying subscriptions to services or even plane tickets.

Your streaming will go with you
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2. Your streaming will go with you

Streaming lovers, are you there?
We know that it’s a big letdown when we go on a trip and can’t continue using the streaming platforms we like so much... or even miss a live match!
But with Surfshark you’ll have everything you need and, by connecting to a VPN server in another country, you’ll be able to carry on enjoying streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus and lots more.
When we travel we normally use public networks that can pose a danger to our security. But using this VPN will allow you to encrypt your data online when connecting to free Wi-Fi networks in airports, museums, coffee shops, hotels, and so on.

Your connection will fly
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3. Your connection will fly

What a pain it is when our mobile is slow, right? Well, not only can you speed up your connection but you can also save mobile data, and block advertising before it loads and begins to reduce your speed. With this VPN not only will your connection fly but so will your fingers because you can enjoy games before they are available in your location and play with your friends who live abroad on the same servers. You gamers have it easy!

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