Time Out wine tasting

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Time Out wine tasting

With this Catalan wine tasting you will discover the terroir that makes Catalan wines so special and unique.

Travel round Catalonia via its wines, vineyards and wineries.

From north to south, east to west, with this Catalan wine tasting you'll discover the terroir that makes Catalan wines so special and unique. Learn about traditional Catalan wine varieties and new trends. Each and every one of the wines you sample come from small producers who work their land using organic methods and with care and respect.

La Festival is a welcoming wine shop from in the Gràcia neighbourhood, where they understand wine and you'll never have to be embarrassed about any limitations in knowledge you might have. They are big fans of quality bulk wine, and have ten taps featuring organic, natural and biodynamic varieties from different terroirs in Catalonia. In addition, the store features a selection of bottled wines from over 500 different winemakers. They're not looking so much for customers as for friends who want to be part of their wine festival. 

The sommeliers
In 2012, following a long and intense experience in the world of wine, Ludo opened HumanVins, a small and independent wine agency. Today he divides his time between the management of his own business and La Festival. He received his sommelier diploma in his home town of Loira, and he's also completed different wine courses in Barcelona with a focus on Catalan wines.

Patrícia. She holds the WSET Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits. Patricia has years of experience in the world of wine, specialising in communication, wine experiences and tastings, which she communicates with huge passion and great know-how. She's also worked in a cultural club, managing the wine department and pairing culture with wines. Today she has a personal project called UndiaUnvi, where she recommends a different wine daily. She also manages the comunication for different wine businesses as well as La Festival's wine tastings.

Íñigo. He studied enology in Espiells (Catalonia), and the winemaker has been working for five years in a biodynamic winery in Penedès. His palate was trained from early on and he has a special nose and sensitivity for wine. He's also one of the owners of La Festival and combines his work at the vineyards with the shop and wine tasting.

All the tastings at the event are paired with Catalan tapas (Catalan sausage, cheese, olives and chips).


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