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Univers. Exposició permanent del Cosmocaixa
Univers. Exposició permanent del Cosmocaixa

Time Out says

This permanent exhibition at CosmoCaixa takes you on a trip through science, from the Big Bang to the latest frontiers of knowledge

This permanent exhibition that was inaugurated at the CosmoCaixa in July 2019 takes you on a trip through the wonders of science, from the Big Bang to the latest frontiers of knowledge.

For the last 15 years, CosmoCaixa has brought people closer to science in fun and educational ways. We've met Lucy, a model cavewoman, and even learned about animal intelligence through poop. But the permanent exhibition has evolved, and now you have 3,500 square metres to explore the 'Universe', from the origin of life to all we know now.

The exhibition is divided into three sections full of interactive experiences, authentic objects, and reproductions that look so real that you’ll think they’re genuine as well. In ‘Cosmos’, you’ll gain loads of knowledge about the evolution of the universe and matter thanks to a fog chamber where you’ll see subatomic particles. The ‘Evolution’ part looks at the first living organisms on Earth and how they managed to survive. And in ‘Frontiers’ you'll find a large dome in the shape of a brain which is mainly dedicated to exploring languages and writing.

All this valuable information is supplemented by stereoscopic photos, fossils, remains of a Deinotherium – the largest mammal that has ever lived in Catalonia – and new objects such as ferrofluids and robots and artificial intelligence.


€5 (free for under-16s and CaixaBank clients)
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