Wax Museum Horror Experience

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Museo de Cera Horror Experience
Museo de Cera Horror Experience

Talking about a train of terror or a fun fair haunted house in 2014 is more than somewhat outdated. Thrills like this evolve, just like everything else, and if we lost our minds when we saw Stephen King's 'IT' some years back, now we're freaking out over 'American Horror Story'. But what about getting up off the sofa and out for some real chills to boost your adrenaline? The people at the Horror Box, expert producers of scaring the bejesus out of fans of things that go bump in the night, are banking on their previous successes in Barcelona, like their Coliseum Horror Experience. They're back now at one the spookiest places in town, the Wax Museum (Museo de Cera), the best spot for a high-voltage nocturnal visit. But ... what if all the wax figures weren't exactly inanimate? It doesn't have to be Halloween to give yourself a fright. Just be sure you get out without melting into a puddle of your own weak constitution.
Timetable: 8pm-11.50pm, entries every 10 min

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