Wok stir-fry for under €1!

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Fast-food stir-fry restaurant Wok to Walk is sparing no expense to celebrate their tenth anniversary. The whole day on Friday November 28 they're offering their base ingredients at just 10 percent of the regular price, which means you can get a noodle stir-fry for just 49 cents!

The regular menu gives you a choice of base ingredients (rice, noodles or vegetables), extra ingredients you choose, and the sauces. The base always comes with a mix of fresh veg and egg, and the sauce is always free, so if you don't add extra ingredients, the normal price is €4.95. But to celebrate their birthday, you pay just 10 percent of that.

If you want to add more sauces or ingredients, you'll have to add that onto the price of the 49-cent base, but you'll still get a scrumptious, healthy and filling meal for a fantastic price. This Friday, run to Wok to Walk for your stir-fry for under a euro!

There are three establishments to choose from in Barcelona:

- Wok to Walk Jaume I

- Wok to Walk Sant Pau 27

- Wok to Walk Ramblas 95

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