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From dog biscuits to disco biscuits, an abandoned pet food factory in the bleak surroundings of Lichtenberg's Hauptstrasse is now home to the sporadic nightclub Sisyphos. A place for the dedicated clubber, Sisyphos boasts some of the city's rudest doorstaff - getting in can be a frustrating and enraging experience. The fact that the club is a good EUR30 cab ride from the centre of town only adds to the vexation felt by those undergoing ritual humiliation and rejection from the bouncers. However, if you make it inside this surreal, dark and pumping place you might just well have one of the best weekends possible in Berlin.

Hardcore guests are allocated handstamps which allow access over a 48-hour period, meaning some hardy souls are on the floor for the entire weekend (toothbrushes are on sale). Of the two dancefloors, the main one pulses to techno and techno house while the smaller offers up funkier beats. Thanks to that draconian door policy, the crowd is great - up-for-it clubbers into losing themselves to the music. The area around the main building is wasteland of mattresses, fires, boulders and abandoned cars. Perfect for chilling and hanging out. Best accessed by a free shuttle-bus from Ostkreuz S-Bahn station, Sisyphos is closed until March 2016.


Venue name: Sisyphos
Address: 15 Hauptstrasse
Opening hours: Check website for opening times
Transport: S3, S5, S7, S8, S9, S41, S42, S75, S85 Ostkreuz for Sisyphos shuttlebus
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Easily the craziest club I've been to in Berlin, and possibly, the world! Yes, at peak time you can be waiting for upto 2 hours, only to be rejected. However, my group tried again at 5am, with (only) a 45 minute queue, and managed to make it in! Whilst I don't think it merits that long a wait, Sisyphos was pretty cool – with different rooms to get lost in, a lot of outdoor space, plus a stall that sells hot pizza. They are indeed open all weekend so you don't have to leave either! Unfortunately the queue kills it for me though.