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Wwfit Dtx At The Bomb Factory
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We want every athlete who competes in a WWFIT competition to walk away feeling challenged. What's the point of registering for a competition that will not test your limits, expose your weaknesses & make you better?

WWFIT holds itself to the highest standards possible. Below, are the main points we focus on at WWFIT GAMES. If these points are not achieved at our competitions we genuinely feel like we have let you down as an athlete.

IMPROVED - WWFIT wants to find your weaknesses & expose them... We want to improve your fitness by raising the standards of local competitions.

CHALLENGED - We program our competitions to challenge you physically & mentally. We want to test every aspect of your fitness.

EXPERIENCE - Every athlete should experience large arenas & regional formatting to prepare them for the next step in their fitness.

FUN - We believe no matter how challenging WWFIT becomes, beating your personal records is always a good time.

ACCOMPLISHED - We want all competitors to feel a sense of accomplishment after competing in our events.

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1NdsnPX
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I just read your "Core Values" which may look impressive to Crossfit Athletes but one thing you didn't add to your list of values is SAFETY.  My daughter has exercise induced asthma and called me today 1/23/16 because she forgot her RESCUE INHALER.  She was having difficulty breathing after her first heat.  She told me that she would definitely need her inhaler to compete in her next heat because the 2nd heat was even more taxing and required a lot more physical exertion.

I jumped in my car and drove from McKinney to downtown Dallas as quick as I could because I know my girl and she pushes herself to limits that are unreal. I've seen her have a terrible asthma attack while running hurdles in track and it was very difficult for her to recover from this even after using her rescue inhaler.  She's in excellent physical condition and occasionally the cold can set off her asthma when she is exercising.  She told me the place they were competing was freezing and that's why she was having trouble breathing.

 I called her as I was flying down IH-75 and asked if there was a medical station set-up in case I couldn't make it in time.  To my surprise, she asked the staff and was told that they didn't have a medical station at this event.  I don't know if that was true or if the staff she asked didn't know where it was but to me...this is unacceptable!

I arrived as she was going back stage to prepare for her heat.  I texted her but she didn't respond. The doorman was nice and let me in to look for her.  I looked out on the floor and did not see her so I went to the left side of the stage where the athletes entered the arena to compete.  I asked the staff guarding the left backstage area if I could take my daughter's inhaler to her because she is about to go on and really needs this.  He said that he couldn't let me go backstage where the athletes were.  I asked him where she would be if she was in the 4th heat of this set.  He said that I would need to go to the right backstage door because the competitors wait back there to be called to go out (mind you...I'm am holding her RESCUE INHALER in my hand and I've shown him what this is!). 

At this point I go to the right side of the stage and the staff on this side quickly told me that I couldn't go back stage.   I explained that I was trying to get my daughter's inhaler to her which she needs before she competes in the 4th heat. He still refused.  I asked if he could take it to her and he told me he couldn't do that either.  At this point I was very frustrated because I knew that she needed to have this in her system for at least 5 to 10 minutes to be fully effective before she went out there. I asked him how I could get this to her and he said that I would have to text her.  I told him I already did that and she's not responding.  He just shrugged his shoulders at me and told me I would have to wait until she came out.

It was obvious that nobody at this place knew what a RESCUE INHALER was or the importance of getting this into an athlete to resolve asthma symptoms.  It was also apparent that nobody new that this could save a persons life!!  I texted my daughter again...no answer.  I went back to the left side of the stage and still did not see her.

There were many PT stations set-up (but no medic?!).  I asked one of the PT guys if he knew where I could find the athletes that were about to go on.  He also told me to go to the right side of the stage.  

I walked back over to the right side of the stage and started raising my voice at this point because my frustration level is growing.  I told the staff I can't find my daughter and ask the guy again if I can get this to her.  Guess what the response was...that's right...NO!!  I told him this was ridiculous, my daughter really needs this medication to breath and NOBODY CAN HELP ME?!!  I told him I needed to speak to whoever was running this thing.  It was apparent that he didn't have a clue so I went back out to the doorman out front.  

At this point, 20 minutes has passed, my daughters heat has been called, and I NEED TO GET THE INHALER TO HER NOW!!  I am in tears and I talk to the doorman who seems concerned and talks over the mike he's wearing and asks if there is someone who can escort me to the back so I can get the medication to my daughter.  He finally gets someone to respond and tells me to wait at the end of the competition area closest to the door and a big black guy would come escort me backstage.  The guy who is supposed to escort me never shows up (GO FIGURE!!) and I finally see someone that I think is my daughter on the left side of the competition area.  I walk back over to the left side of the stage and realize it wasn't her but I see her back behind the gate on the left where the staff member is that I spoke with in the beginning.  I finally get the inhaler to her right before she walks out to compete after 20 minutes of getting the run-around from the staff.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed and will be posting this everywhere so parents and athletes can be informed of how unorganized and uneducated the staff are that run these things.  There needs to be more regulations for these competitions and athletes need to be informed  where the medical station is prior to competing (if there even is one!).

I have been an RN in Emergency Medicine for 18 years and I'm pretty disheartened that this type of negligence goes on in our area.  If you are going to charge $100 per competitor to enter these events, you should at least have the decency to educate your staff/security in minor emergency medicine and how to assist family/athletes in an emergency situation.  A little compassion and caring goes a long way!