Defend Our Constitution March

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Defend Our Constitution March
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Defend Our Constitution March says
We have been a broken nation in the past, but the current presidency has divided us and openly stomped on our rights at a new level of deception. The very Constitution that this country was built on is at stake. We must defend our rights before we no longer have any! We must unite to show that we are not to be stomped all over! If anything good can come out of this regime, let it be the uniting of the people. Let their hatred fuel our love and passion enough to truly create a change. Let all minority groups join together to create the majority in our fight.

In just two weeks, the Trump regime has threatened people of color, female-bodied folk, recipients of healthcare, veterans, indigenous people, queer folk, victims of rape and sexual assault, victims of domestic violence, refugees, people with disabilities, dreamers in the DACA program, truthful journalists and press, environmentalists, scientists, labor unions, farmers, artists, education, spirituality and non-Christian religion, our water, our land, and anyone who is even slightly enlightened and compassionate to other Beings, animals, and our sacred planet. They have threatened global stability and peace. They have threatened the very freedom that America prides itself on.

Since November, Denver has been a platform for peaceful protesting that has gained notoriety across the globe. Let's continue to unite in solidarity, forming a force too big to ignore. These policies are affecting our reputation as an entire country. These policies are affecting people worldwide and creating new dangers. Let’s defend our Constitution. Let’s defend our rights. Let’s march. Let’s make bold signs. Let’s make noise. Let’s create change.

**1:30pm at the Greek Amphitheater in Civic Center Park we will hear from a few speakers and start our march around 2pm.

One Billion Rising is donating their PA System for us to use!
One Billion Rising is a global movement to end violence against women. Please support their event directly before ours so both can be powerfully significant. Here's the link:

Things to bring:
- Water
- Extra layers
- Comfortable shoes
- Signs and banners
- Important numbers written on a piece of paper
- Friends and family

This will be a peaceful march and I will update the event as we get closer to the date. I will do my best to keep everyone safe.
Post photos of your signs as you make them!

Route will not be posted.
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By: Queen Phoenix

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