Jucifer / Ill Cativo / Athame'

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Jucifer / Ill Cativo / Athame'

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- Founded in 1993, Jucifer pioneered the sludge/doom/death metal duo - They are one of the earliest heavy two piece bands and even more unusual for playing all-live (no loops, keyboard bass samples or drum machine). - Jucifer trademarks including their enormous amp rig and unconventional shifting / combining of genres have influenced and inspired many over two decades. - The band has performed steadily and released albums through the 90's and 00's on both major and indie labels as well as recently founding their own Nomadic Fortress label. - During the 90's Jucifer was based in Georgia, but in 2001 moved permanently into their tour vehicle. They have lived entirely on wheels for the 14 years since and have stated that this homeless, nomadic life was undertaken to facilitate playing "as many shows as we possibly can". Their endless tour typically covers 20 or more countries each year. - Jucifer shows are known for being extremely heavy and loud, blending elements of sludge, doom, black metal, death metal, thrash, crust, grind, drone, and noise with occasional melodic passages. Performances are ritual and cathartic, and sometimes include improvised sections between or even during the songs. The guitar is downtuned to various non-standard tunings, which lends an unexpectedly pleasing quality to the high volume employed. - Jucifer has expressed distaste for conforming to a genre but has invented names to describe their blend of styles including "deathdrone" "blackcrust" and "grindgaze". They state they "just love all forms of heavy music and write freely between them". - Jucifer's live sound has been compared to Celtic Frost, Melvins, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Necrophagia and Napalm Death, as well as bands of their own generation (Jesus Lizard, Darkthrone, Neurosis, Morbid Angel, Harvey Milk, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Acid King) and younger groups Lightning Bolt and Sunn0))). - Because of their knack for odd compositions and onstage improvisation, some have also likened Jucifer shows to the work of Miles Davis and John Zorn. - Jucifer's albums are impressively diverse, though often not representative of their core style. 2010's 'Throned In Blood' album was the first full length to draw almost entirely from this core, but its sparse production (planned to sound "old school" according to the band) fails to do justice to their massive tones live. 2013's 'за волгой для нас земли нет' and 2014's 'District of Dystopia' come closer, the former sonically and the latter with its intensity. - Early work by Jucifer was released on local independent labels prior to 1999's signing with major label Capricorn Records and subsequently (2006) Relapse Records. - In 2010 Jucifer founded their own Nomadic Fortress imprint and issued the album 'Throned In Blood' via NF with distribution by Relapse, and LP licensed by Alternative Tentacles Records. Jucifer also licensed their 'Autocannibalist' EP to Canada's Choking Hazard Records and contributed songs to a Terrorizer Magazine (England) compilation and to two French comps: 'Falling Down II' and 'Endless DVD' - In October 2011 the reissued 1994 EP 'Nadir' was released for digital download by Grindcore Karaoke, J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed digital-only label. - LP version of 'Nadir' was released in October 2012 by Mutants of the Monster, distributed by Sony RED. - July 17, 2013 saw the release of Jucifer's eighth studio album 'за волгой для нас земли нет' on limited edition CD via their own Nomadic Fortress label and partner Mutants of the Monster. A second CD pressing was issued in November 2013. - Gatefold double LP of 'за волгой для нас земли нет' was also released in November via Alternative Tentacles. - 'за волгой для нас земли нет' made several "best of 2013" lists including iTunes, NPR Music, and artist lists by members of Fuck The Facts, SubRosa and Deafheaven. - Jucifer's "20 Years Slaying Ears" 20th anniversary tour from January through December 2013 included 32 countries including the band's first performances in Bosnia, Serbia, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania and Greece. - Jucifer's endless tour continues with U.S. dates during 2014 as well as a mainstage appearance at England's Temples Festival in May alongside Neurosis, Brutal Truth, Electric Wizard, Clutch and Gehenna. - Jucifer released their latest 'District of Dystopia' on December 5th, 2014. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by the band inside the Winnebago which is their tourbus and only home. CD and digital versions were released via Nomadic Fortress. - 'District of Dystopia' vinyl and cassette versions will be released in early 2015, the former via Alternative Tentacles and the latter via Handshake Inc - A split 7" with Japan's Sete Star Sept on French label Witch Bukkake is also scheduled for 2015 release.

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