Mind Free Friday: Gong Bath

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Mind Free Friday: Gong Bath
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Mind Free Friday: Gong Bath says
MindFree Fridays are a unique collection of sound healing and meditations to help you free your mind. Each Friday, a different meditation or sound healing will be offered. Sound, external or internal, allows the body to open on a subtle level.
As energy pathways open, they are cleansed and cleared by sound. The pure vibrations of mantras, singing bowls, gongs, musical instruments, song/kirtan, is like riding the first-class train to peace and tranquility!

Cost: $15

Gong Bath Description:
Marshall & Megan incorporate 17th and 18th century Himalayan singing bowls, gemstone crystal bowls, planetary tuning forks, rattles, shamanic drumming, and two healing, Planet Gongs You are invited to simply lie down and relax, and be open to the healing vibrations of this journey!

A cosmic ether is created through the sound of the bowls, tuning forks, and Planet Gongs. The end of our Gong Baths offer a terrestrial, tribal, and grounding piece to guide you back to your body. Focusing on your heartbeat and breath, you will be gently guided back into your physical self, after which point, lightly stretching out is highly encouraged (and truly feels amazing).

About Marshall & Megan:
Having played piano at Carnegie Hall over several years when he was a child, Marshall Bendelac today is musically focused on a sacred instruments practice, both ancient and new.
Beginning her sacred yogi journey over 15 years ago, Megan Sax has been transforming lives through her daily unique transference of yoga, both on and off the mat, since 2009.
Together, we will create and hold open a sacred space at Karma Yoga Center through which loved ones will be invited to explore, journey, and heal.
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By: Karma Yoga Center