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Behind the Lens: 30 square-eyed pictures of Edinburgh by Becky Arnold

Arnold's unique images and arrangements present Scotland's capital and its surroundings in a new light
By Niki Boyle |

Becky Arnold is an Edinburgh-based photographer whose practice extends beyond taking pictures to arranging them in specially curated collections. Time Out asked her to share a selection of her favourite images, and discuss the method behind Square Eyes.

I use my image making as a way of documenting my life and travels as a visual journey. Key moments are then shared and printed in a Polaroid size and style format and from that I build thematically related collections in multiples of one, four and nine. This process allows the work to be customised to a location, theme, person or category.

My business, Square Eyes, involves me constructing and selling my own collections based on a variety of themes. Another aspect involves me working with clients to create unique, individual compilations; they can direct and influence a piece based on their own favourite scenes and places I have photographed, building their own bespoke ‘square’ to reflect their own journey.

My portfolio is ever growing and while the majority of my work predominantly features Edinburgh and Scotland, I am continually expanding my portfolio as I travel and explore new horizons.

You can check out more of Becky's photography on the Square Eyes website; alternatively, you can see her collections in the flesh at the Twenty Eight pop up shop in St Stephen Street, Stockbridge from March 14-27, and at Stockbridge Market from April 19 onwards. You can also email Becky to find out more.

red arrows

forth rail bridge

red arrow square


national museum of scotland

edinburgh interiors 4 square

edinburgh castle

edinburgh castle princes street gardens snow

cramond island pylons

edinburgh winter 9 square

cramond tree

dugald monument calton hill

bw colour edinburgh 4 square

bw winter tree

bw woods

red leaf

red leaf 9 square

trees sand beach

blue boat beach

sun sea sand 4 square

porty stair

porty gallery

porty window

edinburgh porty 9 square

edinburgh portobellow beach prom

edinburgh portobellow beach prom 2

edinburgh portobello beach 4 square

bass rock

new town camper

edinburgh escape

square eyes logo

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