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For the love of adventure! 🍻 Take a tour of the taps, dine on the alpine and dance on the tables - the bohemian is yours to explore
- Brewhemia

Time Out says

In our book, anywhere that describes itself as a ‘beer palace’ is worth a look. In fact, this is apparently Scotland’s only beer palace, which makes it even more of a draw. It’s certainly an impressive place, with eight copper tanks home to unpasteurised and unfiltered beer from brewers as far afield as the Czech Republic and from as nearby as just down the road, from high-quality Scottish master brewers.

There’s a whole lot more than just the beer, though. The food menu is a doozy, combining Scottish dishes with those boasting an Alpine flavour. That means Balmoral chicken with pancetta, haggis and whisky sauce alongside chicken schnitzel with truffle mash and crispy prosciutto. Keep an eye out for what we hear are exceptional pies, too.

And then there’s the entertainment. These guys go big on Christmas and Hogmanay, and things get brilliantly busy when it comes to drag brunches and their regular live music sessions. Take a look at their events schedule to keep up to date. Lots of fun.

Brewhemia says
Our story is one steeped in adventure, a love of great food, drinks and a passion for theatrics. A haven for those with a thirst for discovery, tank fresh beer, artisan coffee, fresh Scottish scran, cocktails and super fine wine.

The Czech beer tanks, the incredible Bohemian people, amazing bierhalles in Germany, the cabaret & cocktails in Paris, the Prosecco parties and cafes in Italy and most of all; the heritage and flavours of his Scottish roots. When he passed, Rabbie’s son vowed that he would enjoy the same experiences and pass them onto his son and so forth. The last great, great grandson listened hard and had the same burning desire and passion for all of these great things. In fact, he loves them so much he brought then altogether in an incredible and amazing mix, the most fantastic place with the spirit of old Rabbie, housed in the place where his great, great grandfather had worked so hard. We like to think we were born to brew, made to bake and that we live to party - just as Rabbie did! In fact, we believe it so much, we’re named after his journey.


1A Market St