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rainy window edinburgh
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How to spend a rainy day in Edinburgh

Written by
Emma Dunn

So you've woken up, taken a look outside and realised that it's raining. What a bummer! Well, with an average 191 wet days in the year, it's not exactly a rare sight in Edinburgh. That's the bad news - but the good news is that there is still plenty to do and you can still have a great time, even when it's bucketing outside. Read on to find out how you should make most of your rainy day... 

10am - Brew Lab

Brew Lab Edinburgh

Start the day off with a warm comforting cup of coffee and cake from Brew Lab. This well respected coffee spot has loads of comfy leather sofas and chairs to snuggle up into while you get yourself ready for the day ahead. Once you've got your caffeine fix, race through the showers to the National Museum, which is just around the corner. 

11am - National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland

Is there a better way to spend a rainy day in Edinburgh? This labyrinth of fascinating artefacts and displays will keep you amused for hours, with absolutely no need to go outside. From art and design, to natural history, to Scottish history and archeology, there is at least one exhibition that will intrigue you. Be sure to make time for world cultures galleries, which boasts a huge collection of relics from all around the globe. 

1.30pm - Union of Genius

Union of Genius Edinburgh

After you've spent a couple of hours wandering around the museum, make a quick dash around the corner to Union of Genius, one of Edinburgh's best lunch spots. They specialise in big bowls of comforting soup, and have six varieties to choose from on any given day. Can't decide? Then try a soup flight, which three small bowls of different flavours with three kinds of artisan bread. This warm and soothing treat is perfect for when it's raining cats and dogs outside. 

3pm - The Scottish National Gallery

Scottish National Gallery

Once you've had your lunch, head down George IV Bridge to the Scottish National Gallery on the Mound. Like the museum, the gallery is huge and will easily swallow up a couple of hours. The complex consists of both the Royal Scottish Academy and the Scottish National Gallery itself, which between the two of them spans a huge range of from local contemporary art to classics by the likes of Titian, Raphael and Rembrandt. 

6pm - Frontier

Frontier Edinburgh

At dinnertime take a taxi up to Bruntsfield, where you will find American restaurant Frontier. They serve a decent selection of warming bourbons, accompanied with a menu full of comfort food. On a rainy day, you really can't do any better than a big bowl of their warming mac 'n' cheese, served with a generous helping of fries. A fantastic end to a soggy day!

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