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Three places to escape from in Edinburgh

Written by
Melissa Jones

With silly season upon us you may want to find somewhere you can avoid all that overbearing yuletide joy, and the good news for you is that Edinburgh offers some great escape games to lock yourself away for an hour. Here's three to try.

Dr Knox's Enigma
The new kid on the block for escape games, Dr Knox's Enigma should be the go-to game for those who want to delve into Edinburgh's dark past. The titular doctor was a surgeon who conducted medical research on the corpses he purchased from notorious murderers Burke and Hare. In the game you'll be working your way through Dr Knox's office into his secret lab where you'll come face to face with some of his experiments, and it'll be a heart racing dash to the end to escape before Dr Knox catches you pilfering around his creepy lab.

Edinburgh Escape Hour
If you fancy yourself the next 007 then this could be the escape game for you. Situated just off the Royal Mile, you'll have 60 minutes to stop ex-KGB spymaster Major Plott, who has a plan to wreak revenge on British Intelligence. You'll have to keep your cool to find his plan before he returns. Tuxedo and martini optional.

Escape Edinburgh
Treasure hunters out there will be well suited to Escape Edinburgh's Da Vinci room, where you'll put your thieving skills to the test to steal the Holy Grail from a professor. You'll need some precise code cracking skills as well as a knowledge of symbols and in no time you'll feel like your in the middle of a Dan Brown novel. For those who like things a little more high intensity, their new 'Taken' room is the perfect place to whip out all of your Liam Neeson quotes that you just can't seem to fit into normal conversation. 

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