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Brittany Berger, Mindful Music Lab
Photograph: Ysanya Perez

Brittany Berger brings purpose and healing to the recording industry

The multihyphenate wellness guru behind Mindful Music Lab creates safe spaces for musicians to feel empowered and creatively inspired

Written by Jackie Gutierrez-Jones for Time Out, in association with Florida Lottery

Brittany Berger, founder of Mindful Music Lab in Miami, grew up in Aventura and studied hospitality and event management at the University of Central Florida before moving back to Miami to expand her roots in her hometown.

Berger’s donned many hats throughout her career—author, motivational speaker, fitness instructor, wellness programmer, mindset coach, reiki energy and sound bowl healer, songwriter, artist and repertoire (A&R) representative, and executive producer—all of which inform her experience in the mental health and wellness industry. Through her work, she inspires individuals to find their purpose, shift into alignment, overcome their daily fears and prioritize mental and physical health. With her passion for addressing personal truths and embracing authenticity, she has become a leading voice in the field of mindfulness, manifestation, meditation, and community.

What inspired you to open Mindful Music Lab?

I realized that there was a lack of mental health awareness and action within the music industry. I would be in and out of recording studios and homes with all of my healing equipment noticing that these spaces were not the right environment for healing. A concept of mental health, healing, community, networking, collaboration, and making music did not exist.

What are some of your favorite places to visit in Miami?

Some of my favorite places to visit in the city are 27 Restaurant & Bar, Broken Shaker, and the Eagle Room at Freehand Miami! It’s the perfect place to share an amazing meal—my friend Jimmy is the exceptional executive chef and the staff always feel like family. The Eagle Room is an awesome place to dance and listen to fun music.

I also love working out at Yoga Joint in Midtown every morning. I look forward to the energy of the room and how powerful it makes me feel at the start of the day. I also love Tap 42 across the street for a delicious taste anytime.

I love to support my friends who play at Club Space, my other music family that also offers free 420 yoga with Tifftopia on Saturdays. Club Space is so magical and truly a legendary staple for music culture and freedom. My other home is also Soho Beach House where I attend and curate events. It’s also where I launched my book tour.

Who were some of the mentors or teachers that had an impact on your career?

As a reiki healer, my reiki master, Marie Manalo—also known as the mother manifestor—opened my outlet to energy healing. I discovered that I could do what she does, and I made a career out of it. I have always been an intuitive channeler, much like the women in my family. I love being able to share my gifts with others so they can live in their authentic truth with love.

Another mentor of mine in the music industry is Aton Ben-Horin. Aton, who is the global vice president of Warner Music Group, confirmed my songwriting talents and really helped me believe in myself. Shadowing his work, I was able to adopt a strong A&R ear and absorb the music industry culture through him. He really paved the way for me and introduced me to so many beautiful friends in the industry—something that is lacking and that I hope to strengthen within our community.

What’s the most impactful advice you’ve received from your mentors?

Keep learning, keep practicing, and always be a student—sooner or later you will be the teacher.

Brittany Berger, Mindful Music Lab
Photograph: Ysanya Perez

What's in store for Mindful Music Lab's future?

In the next year, we plan to expand our reach and impact by creating more partnerships with artists, mental health professionals, and wellness experts. We aim to host a diverse array of workshops, seminars, and creative sessions that promote mental well-being, self-expression, and authentic artistry.

Ultimately, I believe that Mindful Music Lab will be a catalyst for transformation, fostering a thriving community of musicians who are empowered, supported, and creatively inspired. Together, we'll shape a music industry that celebrates authenticity, champions mental health and flourishes with the power of mindful creation.

How do you connect with the community?

Mindful Music Lab also plays an active role in hosting events that contribute to the community's well-being. We organize new moon and full moon events, as well as breathwork and sound healing therapy sessions on a monthly basis. These events provide opportunities for individuals to come together, connect, and find solace through the power of music and mindfulness.

Recently, we collaborated with FYI—the community app founded by Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas—to host a music industry event at our space. This event served as a means to connect more professionals in the industry, promoting collaboration, networking, and prioritizing mental health and healing.

One organization that holds a special place in my heart is AWOM (Angel Watching Over Me), founded by my best friend Sarah Akiba. Over the years, I've been actively supporting AWOM by being a part of their board. This multifaceted organization serves children, young adults, men, and women in the community, making a positive impact on countless lives.

What's the most important piece of advice you would give to someone about to embark on the small business journey?

Do your research, ask questions, believe in yourself, and never give up—only give more. And make sure there is a proof of concept before you begin building your business.

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Brittany Berger, Mindful Music Lab
Photograph: Ysanya Perez
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