Akram Khan: One Side To The Other

Art, Installation
Akram Khan's exhibition at The Lowry
Akram Khan

The world-famous dancer and choreographer presents a visual arts exhibition in the Performer as Curator series

Hats off to The Lowry’s Michael Simpson for his series of exhibitions under the title of ‘Performer as Curator’ which sees artists famed for their stage work reflecting other sides to their artistry by curating an exhibition of their favourite and most inspiring work.

Having started with Alison Goldfrapp, the series now brings us ‘One Side to the Other’, a collection of the sculpture, painting, photography, film, live installation and elements of performance that have inspired the choreographer and dancer, Akram Khan.

Khan’s work on stage has been much celebrated and he has constantly stretched his own boundaries, working with such diverse performers as Steve Reich, Juliette Binoche and Kylie Minogue, as well as with visual artists such as Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley, making him a perfect choice for an exhibition programme seeking to connect the stage and exhibition spaces of The Lowry.

‘One Side to the Other’ takes contrast and opposites as its theme, so the work on display will reflect the contemporary and traditional, light and dark, doubt and certainty, truth and fiction. Khan says of the exhibition:

‘I have never embarked on such a project, and so with the creative direction by Sasha Milavic-Davies (the co-director of the exhibition), it is very exhilarating to create a sort of surreal, Alice in Wonderland landscape of extremes, and whatever may be in-between.’

With works by some of the artists already mentioned, plus performances on stage of one of Khan’s signature pieces, ‘Desh’, it’s a journey down the rabbit hole that’s well worth taking.


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