The M+ Sigg Collection: Chinese Art from 1970 to Now

On the Wall – Shenzhen (I)' (2002)
by Weng Fen
Family Tree (2000)
by Zhang Huan
Still Life (1993-2000)
Photo by Ai Weiei

Over 80 works by leading Chinese artists.

This important show by leading contemporary Chinese artists including Ai Weiwei, Cao Fei and Zhang Peili to explore questions concerning freedom of expression and the freedom of art in the context of contemporary Chinese history.

Highlights include Family Tree (2000) by Zhang Huan, one of the most influential and provocative contemporary artists working today. This photographic work is the result of a single day’s performance where nine calligraphy painters took turns to write lyrics about the artist’s family history on his face.

Weng Fen’s On the Wall series (2002) captures China in the throes of rapid urbanisation in the early 2000s. Often featuring adolescents sat on a wall, these extraordinary photographs present the personal transition that mirrors China’s own economic, political and social change.


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