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Guess where the New York Times recommends visiting in 2015?

Rob Martin
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Rob Martin

It's one thing knowing that you live in one of the greatest cities in the world, (that's not arrogance by the way, it's just fact), but it's quite another when the New York Times agrees.

Our beloved city of Manchester is included in a list of the 52 places New Yorkers are being encouraged to visit across the world in 2015. 

Brilliant. Awesome, you could say. But it gets better.

Not only is Manchester in at number 26, so exactly at the half way mark, (any higher would be embarrassing), but we are the only place in the UK to be featured. That's right. No other place in the UK made it into the list.

London? Whatever. Cardiff? Forget it. Birkenhead? Not this year, sorry.

The article describes Manchester as culturally significant and edgy - seems fair enough - and sites the approaching openings of the Whitworth Art Gallery and HOME, as well as the Elizabeth Gaskell's House, as good reasons for New Yorkers to hop on a flight and find out what a warm, open-armed welcome they'll get here.

Other European places included are Milan, impressively at number 1, the Faroe Islands at number 9, Macedonia at 10, Burgundy at 15, and Georgia at 25. Manchester was ranked higher than Quebec, Ile de France, Miami Beach and Rome.

Get ready to hear some New York accents this year.

See the full list here.

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