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Manchester houses the most expensive in the North West

Alex Pepperhill

So we’ve all heard the Southern softies despairing about the crazy cost of houses down South, but it looks like house prices in Manchester have been sneakily creeping up too.

A recent survey has revealed that half of the top ten most expensive streets in the North West are in our beloved Manchester. The priciest streets are in Wilmslow, Altrincham and Prestbury.

The most expensive street in the North of England resides in Altrincham. Yep, ‘Park Lane’ in Altrincham has an average house price of a stonking £2,494,000. Ouch! Second prize goes to South Road (also in Altrincham) racking in an average of £2,025,000. No prizes for guessing where Manchester's footie players live then.

But before you go running away searching for ‘affordable housing’ which we’re not sure actually exists anymore), you can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that at least our houses aren’t anywhere near the price of Grosvenor Crescent in Westminster where the average house costs £16,918,000.

Yeah, let’s not move down to London.

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