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The man who fell to Salford... Is it E.T.? Is it Bez? What is it?


Here in the North West, we pride ourselves in being a place which is open to all, no matter where you're from or how different you are. We welcome and embrace difference, and love it when people from foreign parts decide to honour us with a visit.

But maybe Salford's reach as a tourist destination has gone further than anyone might have expected.

There's a video doing the rounds, supposedly showing something a little out of the ordinary in Salford and, whilst it could be Bez out on the late night shift for the Reality Party campaign trail, some people think a different kind of freaky is going on...

The video was posted on YouTube by a group called Para Truthers who claimed that the footage was taken late one night in Salford in January of this year. So far it has about 24k views which makes the video a bona fide hit.

So, if Salford is the destination of choice for travellers from distant galaxies, what (literally) on Earth do they want? And are they nice, let's be friends type beings, like 'E.T.' was or the super smiley ones at the end of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', or are they more like the ones from 'Signs', which this actually does look like or, even worse, should we expect chests to be bursting in an 'Alien' manner all over The Quays?

What do you think it is and what is it after?