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Was Guy Fawkes at Ordsall Hall?

Ordsall Hall, Manchester

Did you know that there's a street behind Ordsall Hall called 'Guy Fawkes Street'? Do you know why?

According to legend, for there's no actual proof in existence, Ordsall Hall was the place where Mr Fawkes planned what would come to be known as The Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to blow up Parliament and overthrow King James. Or as we like to call it, bonny night.

It seems that, along with his comrade Robert Catesby, Fawkes conjured up his dastardly plan in the hall's Star Chamber, later fleeing from the King's soldiers via an underground tunnel which lead from Ordsall Hall all the way to the Cathedral end of what is now Deansgate. That's a big tunnel.

Bet you didn't know that!

Curiously, we remember, remember the fifth of November with fireworks and the smell of burning rubbish in fields across the land to this very day, despite the fact that the planned coupe never happened.

People, have a great bonfire night and let's be careful out there.