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You know you live in Levenshulme when...

Written by
Becci Johnson

There’s a lot more to the gritty suburb of Levenshulme than meets the eye. Look closely and you will see residents showing courage and resolve to improve the area, giving the word 'gritty' its alternative meaning. Levenshulme has a thriving community at its heart, which is why many exciting enterprises have chosen it as a place to set up shop.

You know you live in Levenshulme, or Levy (as it is affectionately known), when…

You baulk at the prospect of another A6 takeaway.

The Levenshulme stretch of the A6 is renowned for fast food joints and sometimes referred to as ‘takeaway mile’. Locals however, know to shop for curios in the Antiques Village, enjoy art exhibitions at Bankley Studios or Fred’s Ale House (which also serves real ale), have their hair done at Shine, and take their lunch breaks at POD, Thairish or Trove.

Post Office DeliBecci Johnson

You’ve gotten to know your neighbours through visiting Levy Market.

Taking over the station car park on a Saturday, the acclaimed market offers a wide variety of stalls and entertainment. With themed markets and a long list of stallholders, you can guarantee a fresh, new experience each time you visit. The food market in particular offers a great alternative to the supermarket for picking up bangers and bacon, or for grabbing a street food lunch. 

Trader at Levy Market

You monitor the seasons by driving up Errwood Road, whilst you fight the urge to stop and buy biscuits.

This tree lined route is a treat for the eyes and the nose. The green shoots of spring or the golden leaves of autumn will always bring a smile to your face. And you’ll be hard pushed not to dash out for a packet of chocolate hobnobs, such is the tempting smell from McVitie's.

Errwood Road in SpringBecci Johnson

You know how to find the secret lake.

Accessible from the Fallowfield Loop (or F.Loop), the secret lake is a recent discovery for Levenshulme residents. If you can find it you will be rewarded with wildlife spotting opportunities of the heron / nesting swan variety. If the mystery is too much to solve (it’s not a secret to give away easily) the F.Loop itself is a great place to run, cycle, pick blackberries, and spot local residents tending the community planters. Just off the F.Loop is Highfield Country Park, where you can escape from suburbia and, for a minute or two, feel like you're in the countryside. 

The Secret LakeBecci Johnson

You smile wryly at tourists taking selfies on a nameless street.

'The Street With No Name' is allegedly the must see attraction. The 160 year old cobbled street is 77 yards long and has never been given an official name. The sign ensures you can’t miss it though - it’s the street adjoining the station entrance, most commonly used for accessing the market by way of the railway arches.

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