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The Hacienda story

The story of Manchester's most famous nightclub told in metal panels
Hacienda apartments

The Hacienda Apartments

The Hacienda

The Hacienda apartments from behind

The Hacienda opens May 1992, Bernard Manning

The Hacienda opens may 21 1982 Bernhard Manning

1982 New Order, Boy George, Simple Minds

1982 New Order, Boy George, Simple Minds

Hacienda 1982 Grandmaster Flash Thompson Twins Tears for Fears

1982 Grandmaster Flash Thompson Twins Tears for Fears

Hacienda 1983 The Smiths

1983 The Smiths

hacienda 1983 The Tube, Madonna, DJ Mike Pickering, Nude NIght

1983 The Tube, Madonna, DJ Mike Pickering, Nude Night

Hacienda 1985

1985 Einsturzende Neubauten banned after attacking cast iron columns with a pneumatic drill, The Stone Roses, The Pogues, The Associates

Hacienda 1986 Erasure

1986 Erasure, Bad, The jesus and Mary Chain, DJ Dave Haslam, Temperance club nights

hacienda 1987

1987 Five figure Loss, Zumbar / 1988 DJ Graeme Park and DJ Mike Pickering Friday Night Nude

Hacienda 1989

1989 Madchester rules, Claire Leighton

Hacienda 1990

1990 Greater Manchester Police, George Carmen QC

Hacienda 1991

1991 The Hacienda closes and re-opens, Flesh / 1992 Take That, Factory Records collapses

Hacienda 1993

1993 New Order, Republic, London Records, ten years old, ten yours in front, DJ Boys Own, DJ Andy Weatherall / 1994 Gaychester

Hacienda 1995

1995 Ben Kelly

Hacienda 1996

1996 Flesh Ends

Hacienda 1997

1997 the 15th birthday party, DJ Mike Pickering, DJ Graeme Park, Sasha, Laurent Garner / The Hacienda closes Saturday 28 June 1997

Hacienda demolished

1998 The Hacienda demolished / 'Now that's finished. You won't see The Hacienda. It doesn't exist. The Hacienda must be built.' Ivan Chtcheglov 1953

Hacienda Tony Wilson


Hacienda panels



The Hacienda Apartments on the corner of Whitworth Street West were once the site of one of the most (in)famous nightclubs in the world.

The Hacienda was one of the first superclubs, it saw performances from the likes of Madonna and The Smiths when they were still hardly known, and was central to the Madchester music revolution. It closed its doors in 1997, posh flats standing on its hallowed ground. Behind them, where clubbers used to spill out along the canal at night doing all sorts of things they shouldn't, the story of The Hacienda is told in a metalic timeline.

Everyone who went has stories to tell about their time at The Hacienda. Here is its own story from start to end.