Pam Ann: Queen Of The Sky

Comedy, Stand-up
pam ann queen of the sky press 2015

Time Out says

Character comedy about an air hostess, written and performed by Caroline Reid.

It's amazing how far you can spin one joke but Caroline Reid has made a career out of it, and well deserved it is too.

Pam Ann, her supberb creation, is a foul mouthed, class A drug taking, over-sexed, drunk party animal who seems to manage to indulge all of her favourite hobbies whilst on board, serving as an air hopstess with unfeasibly large hair.

She's like a drag queen but actually a woman. 

Whilst the jokes are familiar if you've seen her more than once, there's no denying that the sheer offensive filth that spews forth still shocks and packs a powerful comic punch.

It helps if you are gay or know a lot of gay people to go with. We get all the jokes...



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