Band on the Wall Film Club: Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay

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Band on the Wall Film Club presents 'Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay', complete with a Q&A with directors Amélie Ravalec and Travis Collins.

Band on the Wall Film Club is a great thing, screening off-the-radar music docs that we often never knew we wanted to see whilst teaching us about pockets of music that we never knew could be so interesting.

This May sees the Manchester premiere of 'Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay', which traces the origins of Industrial music in the late 70s, tracking its obscure, taboo beginnings and the emergence of passionate DIY artists and musicians.

Starring Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, NON, SPK, Test Dept, Clock DVA, Re/Search and more, the documentary charts the stories of those behind the scene that started as a counter culture rejection of major labels, mass media and popular culture, before eventually influencing and infiltrating them.


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