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It’s the reunion they said could never happen and, whether you think they should or otherwise, Busted return to the world of pop in 2016.

So it seems that Charlie's post teen band cool project didn't work out too well, so the reunion that they said would never ever happen is happening. Rejoice!

Next year’s tour will be the first time in 12 years anyone will be able to see the three members play all their greatest hits together live – and who could resist wanting to hear them again when, among them are the 'unforgettable smashes' What I Go To School For, Crashed The Wedding, You Said No, Air Hostess and Year 3000?

Like them or not, Matt James and Charlie managed to shift 5 million records in their brief pop life.

OK so maybe I'm not exactly the target market here but if you're in the mood for a bit of pop nostalgia, it's right up your alley. Although surely their original fans are still teenagers 12 years later?

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