Jurassic 5

Music, Rap, hip hop and R&B
Jurassic 5
Photo: F S Schafer

What's golden? These boys certainly still are.

Arguably the best hip hop group to grace this fine earth - and competition's stiff out there - Jurassic 5 have been showing us how its done since the early 90s.

With hit after hit, their sound has become water-tight and slick, backed by a body of genius lyrics and that perpetual old school hip hop beat. Remaining so true to their earlier roots is a strangely rare formula, and one that continues to work brilliantly.

Live, J5 are also a complete tour de fource, each of the six members coming into their element to showcase the strong individual components that build the group - from Chali 2na's signature deep vocals and towereing stature to Cut Chemist's mini lessons in scratching and DJ Nu-Mark's playful musical experiments with children's toys.