Natalie Merchant

Music, Folk, country and blues
Natalie Merchant
Photo by John Huba

The Paradise Is There tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of Natalie's first solo album, 'Tigerlily'.

Surely it can't really be two decades since the release of one of the most perfect albums ever to serenade the ears, the mind and the heart?

Well, yes it is, which means it was 20 years ago that Natalie Merchant said goodbye to her hugely influential band 10,000 Maniacs to go it alone.

That first solo release, 'Tigerlily', contained songs as intelligent, moving and inspired as anything Merchant had done before and it sold over five million copies worldwide. Never one to do the obvious, Merchant has re-recorded the songs 20 years later, exploring how they have changed and developed over time. 

Live, Merchant is captivating. Her warmth, connection to the audience, her banter and humour all flow, and the songs... If her lament over the death of River Phoenix and the subsequent media frenzy doesn't break your heart, maybe you need to find one.

She last played here at The Lowry in 2010 and that night was a magical one. Let's welcome her back with very open arms.

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