One Direction

One Direction

Songs from the latest hit album, 'Four'.

Credit where it's due - these likeable young chaps have topped the charts in 85 countries with their latest release.

In fact, it shifted an astonishing 2 million copies in its first week. That's insane.

This tour will allow fans to hear songs from that album for the very first time live, and of course there will be plenty of other hits too. There's no denying their appeal, and they can certainly sing well live. When you see them on TV they are liekable and cleary talented.

But that's an awful lot of pocket money to ask kids to fork out on tickets, isn't it? It's unlikely the boys are short of a bob or two. The 'VIP Fan Package' brings with its £158.95 price tag a commemorative VIP laminate, a One Direction VIP gift bag with exclusive merchandise and a premium seat to watch the show.

The Arena holds 21,000 people and they're on for two nights. One Direction indeed. Straight to the bank!


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