Simply Red: Reformed! 2015 World Tour

Music, Funk, soul and disco
Simply Red

Marking their 30th anniversary.

It's so easy to take the p out of Simply Red, especially in Manchester where we're more allowed to (although if anyone else dares to we'll defend them stoically).

But if you're of a certain age and you recall their first album, or the impact that 'Money's Too Tight To Mention' had, they'll forever have a place up there as a great band. 

Streams of hits have continued to show what agreat songwriter Hucknall is - 'Stars' could bring a tear to glass eye - and they'll be singing plenty of them here. 

Yes, they are a little insipid these days and yes, Mick does look a little strange now, but they're still miles ahead of many of the popular chart toppers of today.

Yes, that was supposed to be a bit Smashy and Nicey.

With support from Natalie Imbruglia.

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