To Love Somebody Melancholy

To Love Somebody melancholy
Ana Stefaniak

Time Out says

A new audio-visual performance by folktronic singer-songwriter Minute Taker and visual artist Ana Stefaniak.

In an ideal world where talent equated with success, Ben McGarvey, (Minute Taker), would be selling a shedload of albums. His previous work has seen favourable comparisions to the likes of Thom Yorke and even Kate Bush, two albums revealing a mix of haunting melodies, electronic beats and soulful singing. The man is superb. He's collaborated before, most notably with Ryan Lamey as The Spiels - do yourself a favour and have a listen.

Artist Ana Stefaniak is an animator, illustrator and photographer. Her main interest is in the telling of stories.

For this piece, the two come together to create a story told via music and visuals of an artist's relationship with his muse as he enters into a new romance; a muse, ghostly, unreal and entirely dependant on the frame of mind of the artist creator...

St Werburgh's makes an ideal location for what will most certainly be a highlight of the festival.

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