Ultimate Power

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Ultimate Power

Dedicated to the timeless ‘glory of the power ballad’, the exceedingly popular Ultimate Power is back.

When you get a press release stating that -  'Ultimate Power is, quite simply, an evening of the greatest songs ever written. A communal appreciation of colossal musical compositions from the titans of Power Ballads: Phil Collins, Mr Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Bon Jovi and many, many more besides' - what are you to make of it?

Surely there's irony in there? Please, let there be. Given that there was an online petition begging Phil Collins NOT to make a come back, let's take it that the organisers of this hugely popular night out have their tongues firmly in their cheeks, even when they're playing the air guitar.

Expect to see an even busier, bouncier dance floor than usual at these seasonal specials.

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