Crazy Pedro's Part-Time Pizza Parlour

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Crazy Pedro's Part-Time Pizza Parlour

A late night New York style pizzeria serving cocktails and pizza from noon to 4am

A hip and colourful late night New York-style pizzeria serving cocktails and pizza from noon to 4am, from the team behind Liars Club and Cane and Grain.


Venue name: Crazy Pedro's Part-Time Pizza Parlour
Address: 55-57 Bridge Street
M3 3BQ
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So Crazy Pedro's just got a new underground venue in the Northern Quarter and i went to check it out.

I'd heard about CP's from friends but never managed to get there so  when i found out this one was about 10 minutes closer to me i hauled my lazy ass down there for a drink and a snack.

looking around the place i get the feeling that the legendary Pedro lives in his Mom's garage and spends alot of his time in his boxers and a band tshirt. cool huh? but whats even cooler is that Pedro's parents have totally gone on vacay and it's party time! YEEEAH BRO! he like has a keg and everything man!

I had a couple of frozen margaritas which were pretty darn tasty, and the pizza was pizza i guess. Cheesy, hot, tasty, big old slices of pizza. The flavours are a bit overwhelming for me though. I prefer the classics, but this menu is borderline stoner territory in some parts. Chicken and waffle? i couldn't bring myself to do it!

BUT, and this is a big BUT (the kind of big old butt that can only be achieved from a diet of pizza and booze living at your parents house)  I was lucky enough to be able to try their new exclusive Tequila brand and this is where we break from the basics...

So... the crazy guys at Pedros have been off on a quest to create 1 barrel of the worlds most delicious tequila and by gosh they have done a good job of it. 250 bottles of one of a kind tequila. Get it while you can! you can buy a shot, you can buy a bottle, you can buy two bottles but boy you better try it. WHEN ITS GONE ITS GONE PEOPLE!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?

I am biased though,I hate most booze except Tequila, but this is a really tasty one. Smooth taste, no burn, just that deliciously inexplicable tequila taste. Even if you just swing by one of the 2 venues to try some of this its worth it. 

its really nice to know that you are a part of something special or in on the secret somewhat. And for that i say a big thanks to them for.

so the verdict:

Pizza, shots, pinball, red cups, every band poster ever made glued irreversibly to the ceiling, i've seen it all a thousand times but it doesn't mean its a bad thing. 

i think winter is a great time for this place to open. A cozy underground getaway from the rainy city. dim lights, loud music,and well priced pizza and beer. Not such a crazy idea after all.

i think il xerox some flyers onto neon paper and tell all my friends about it. 


Crazy Pedro's are the living embodiment of the drunken culinary invention. Ever thought about putting fully loaded nachos on top of a pizza? How about fried chicken and waffles? Or what about mini hamburgers? The guys at Crazy Pedro's have done all of this and more. Cheap beer, delicious pizza and a friendly atmosphere. Head down for happy hour, when you can get a full pizza for £10 and 2-4-1 cocktails