James and the Giant Peach

James and the Giant Peach

Fancy a bit of Roald Dahl mischief at Christmas?

Families in and around Sale can enjoy a live version of the Roald Dahl story of a young orphaned boy who lives with his horrible Aunts. When a stranger gives James a bag of magic, he spills it by a tree in the garden which sprouts a single peach, one which won’t stop growing…

If you like your family Christmas shows dashed with a touch of darkness, there’s nobody better than Mr Dahl, so get ready for thrill, scares, laughs and the odd thing for the children too!

There’s a relaxed performance on Tue 23 December.

To quote the Sale Waterside website: ‘Relaxed performances are aimed at children with autism, learning disabilities and sensory and communication disorders who will benefit from a more relaxed atmosphere. For this performance we have lowered the sound levels, dimmed the lights so the auditorium will not be in complete darkness and provided a chill-out area.’


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