Jeeves And Wooster In Perfect Nonsense

Theatre, Comedy
John Gordon Sinclair and James Lance as Jeeves and Wooster
Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonesense

Robert and David Goodale's comedy adapted from the celebrated writings of PG Wodehouse, about the clever valet and his bungling, aristocratic master

I say, what could possibly be more spiffing fun than a night out in the jolly excellent company of Jeeves and Wooster?

Well, as its Olivier Award suggests, not a lot. This is a fresh stage adaptation of the wonderful PG Wodehouse tales of a posh but dim Bertie and his reliable, wise and endlessly droll valet.

Directed by the ever reliable Sean Foley and starring James Lance and John Gordon Sinclair, it’s unlikely you’ll have more fun in a theatre this year. What utterly perfect nonsense indeed!


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