Kafka’s Monkey

Kafka’s Monkey, Young Vic
credit Keith Pattison

The Young Vic brings Kafka Home

You've heard the term Kafkaesque. Films like 'Brazil' are so described. There's even an episode of 'Breaking Bad' called it.

Such is the strength and enduring quality of the great writer's work that the classic themes of alienation and transformations have become named after him and, in this play, they couldn't be more pertiant as the story centres around the rise of the ape man, brutally imprisoned but who pleas his case as the king of the beasts.

Originally produced in 2009 and having been on tour since, 'Kafka's Monkey' is award-winning theatre, powerful enough to create transormations of its own within an audeience.

In the role of the ape, one of the founding members of the Complicite company, Kathryn Hunter (Peter Brook’s Fragments, National Theatre’s The Visit, Mike Leigh’s All or Nothing, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). 


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