La Melancolie Des Dragons

Theatre, Experimental
La Melancolie Des Dragons

A blend of theatre and visual art from HOME's 2015 international guest artist, Philippe Quesne.

After a world tour this gets a UK premiere at HOME.

Plot wise this sounds like mad brilliance. A car load of rockers and their dog break down in the middle of snowy nowhere unable to fix their car. When a mysterious women turns up, what do they do? Get out a load of wigs, a snow machine and some inflatable plastic and create their own funfair.

It's not going to be like an Alan Bennett, that's for sure.

Philippe Quesne is quite the artiste and this celebrated work has been hailed all over the world on its tour, withperhaps a surprising amount of emotion being mentioned, so this is surely something special, made moreso as there are only four performances.


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