Little Shop Of Horrors

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Little shop of horrors

The Royal Exchange's witty and macabre musical

Following their hugely enjoyable foray into musicals with ‘Sweeney Todd’ last year, the Royal Exchange flexes its tonsils again with their Christmas show, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.

When naïve plant store owner Seymour finds an unusual specimen, he names it Audrey 2 (Audrey 1 being his girlfriend) and displays it in his shop. There’s one problem. It talks, it seems to like blood, and that’s the only thing that makes it grow. Soon it’s enormous, and so is its carnivorous appetite. But the bigger Audrey 2 gets, the more customers come to the shop. However, not all of them leave…

It’s a great show, full of fantastic tunes, and it often lives or dies on how the larger than life character of Audrey 2 is realised, but the Exchange never fails to pull off amazing things in the round, so expect laughs and gore in this alternative family Christmas show.


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