Saturday Night Fever

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Cartoon of a dancer with warm pointing high with Saturday Night Fever written across his body
Saturday Night Fever

One of the best-loved dance stories of all time, packed with legendary Bee Gee hits like Stayin' Alive, Night Fever and Jive Talking

You can tell by the way I do my walk that I prefer a night at the theatre watching a meaty drama or some cutting edge dance to movie-based musicals but you’d have to be a complete curmudgeon not to get thrilled at the prospect of this stage version of the game changing film.

With quite simply some of the best pop songs ever written (though, alas, not sung by the Bee Gees), this story of a man determined to break free of his mediocre life and become king of the disco is an absolute delight. And if ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘You Should Be Dancing’ and ‘Night Fever’ don’t have you up on your feet, then it looks like you're a curmudgeon, after all.


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