Ten Takes on Capital

Theatre, Experimental

Ten pieces dealing with the effects of the budget.

In this tme of austerity, Take Back Theatre are flying the flag for that long neglected form, agitprop.

Wearing politics on the sleeve isn't what it used to be in the arts with organisations depesrate to hang on to their funding and having to suck up to the people they loathe. Think back to major events like the miners strike where entire swathes of the theatre and music world came out in support and you'll see how much has changed. And whilst the quite wonderful Charlotte Church is more than happy to take a stance, don't expecting Little Mix's next song to be about food banks.   

Theatre company Take Back is about taking back the voices of ordinary people through grassroots theatre initiatives to explore social issues, starting small conversations to ask big questions and engaging people through theatre to make a positive change.

Actors use script in hand performance as a springboard for debate with an audience so it's proper Brechtian stuff here and, with participation from the likes of Julie Hesmondhalgh and Owen Jones, the quality will be as strong as the message.

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