The Crucible

Theatre, Drama
The crucible

Arthur Miller's drama about witchcraft in Salem.

Whilst some writing strives to catch the zeitgeist, much of literature's finest work can be considered so because of its knack to resonate at different times.  

Arthur Miller's body of plays touch on themes which don't really go away, which is why this revial of 'The Crucible' is a timely one.

It's the story of witch trials in Salem. When a child's game goes out of control and a girl lies in a coma, accusations of witchcraft bring a community into the realms of religeous and social hysteria, where truth matters less than following a path.

It has always been a hugely impressive piece of work, and The Exchange have done a great job of it. Performances are exemplory and the stark set and direction allow the power of the text to speak more than the actual words. It is moving in a way that stays with you beyond the applause.

In the midst of our current societal despair over issues surrounding religeous fundamentalism, Christian included, over the plight of desperate war persecution fleeing immigrants, and of uncertain political stability across the world, perhaps Miller's parable of tyranny and vengeance is more timely than ever. 

By: Rob Martin


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