The Lion King

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Lion King Circle of Lie
Brinkhoff/Mögenburg, Hamburg
Lion King Boy, cheetah & giraffes
Lion King Rafiki tree

The classic story of The Lion King is miraculously brought to life using masks, puppets and striking costumes.

It was a clever move getting the director Julie Taymor to re-imagine the Disney cartoon for the stage. What could have been seen as a gamble has clearly paid off with over 10million people now having seen it, making it the most successful stage musical of all time.

So far it has raked in £3.8bn worldwide, but when the top price ticket here is nearly £90, something which nobody seems to question, £4bn won't be far off. More of a cash cow than a king?

You can see why it' so appealing, sticking closely to the film, with Taymor's artistry shining through using so many theatrical techniques. And if the songs are a little too familiar now to excite, you can just allow the impressive visuals to wash over you.


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